About Me

Hi! I'm a graphic design student at Portland State University. I received my associates in design at MHCC in 2015. My name is pronounced da-ma-rees, or duh-mare-is. As a child I knew I wanted to work in a creative field because whenever I saw a magazine or book design that I liked, I shoved my face in it (with affection). 
    I enjoy the process of creating good design, and pouring everything I have into a project. I like to push a project to its limits and work with it to the point where it feels real. My endeavors so far have included: squashing termites at 2am to get ink relief prints from tree rings; using an old Olympia to type out several pages for a typewriter art book; painstakingly creating physical letters and wax seals from Pride & Prejudice; making my own chocolate for a current branding project; and creating my own natural ink from berries and tea. If I could be locked away in a studio to create all day, I would. 


Feel free to email me at: ddusciuc@pdx.edu